Top Stock Trading Investment apps 2021

Top Stock Trading Investment apps 2021

Whether you are an investor or a trader, you must have proper and detailed knowledge about the financial market. The financial apps which have been recently launched on both Android as well as iOS phones, is a great achievement especially for all the businessmen. The best stock trading market apps will give you insights about various portfolios and guide you with the right investment in the stocks as well as check the real-time streaming market price of all the stocks as well as mutual funds.

The stock trading apps and the financial news apps help the customers to gain enough knowledge about the world of finance and stock market and they can take their financial decisions accordingly. India has the highest household savings and that is around 30%.

This article will give you an idea about top stock trading apps that are available on both Google Play store as well as Apple store which you can download and grab more information and knowledge about the stock trading and the market ups and downs.

Kite by Zerodha

This is one of the youngest stock trading apps which has got very popular in less time. It is based out of Bangalore and this app is already making waves in the stock traders’ community. They charge very less brokerage charges when compared to the other discount brokers. Also, they have an excellent trading platform with a user-friendly interface.


This app is one of the top-rated stock investment apps and you can gain all the stock market tips as well as updates from this app. You can grab information about sales, profit margins, return on equity and debt ratio. It will also suggest your various ways to update your portfolio in order to outperform the market.


This app is a popular stock broker in India that promises free equity investments and is designed so well. You will be updated about all the international finance markets on this app and can have access to MCX, NSE, BSE and NCDEX exchanges. It will also give you details on what all is going on in the finance market along with constant reminders to update your profile or alerts regarding your possessions. It has been developed with better tech, better experience with an easy account starting process.

Stock Market Challenge

This app is the best pick if you are in to stock trading and investments. It will help you to create a virtual portfolio and practice trading without using any money. This activity will help you to gain more idea about how to invest in stock exchange. After you understand everything thoroughly, you can start investing actual money in the stock market. This app has over 10 million downloads and is one of the most favourite stock market apps.

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