Best stock app

Best stock app

Would you want the right investment applications to restore your financial life? A robust financial app can manage repetitive financial activities, transform money into accounts, monitor expenditures and many more. This allows you to do more of the things you want to do.

Here are some of the best apps to organise and invest your finances. These applications are not typical large stock brokers. Instead, this list contains fintech disruptor applications that help you handle and invest your finances. So here, you cannot find the best stock app


Invstr is what you get from combining learning with real-life investment and community into an application that allows beginning investors, particularly if you like gaming, to get into stocks. The software incorporates a fantasy stock game where you can manage a simulated fund of 200 billion dollars, access stock and other financial thinking from investors.

You get 1 million dollars in virtual money from the fantasy game, and you can use the social network and news to create ideas. The best performers of the month also earn real money. You can purchase fractional shares of 99 cents per exchange and entire shares, if you want to make any of these imaginable items into real-life stakes.


Wealthbase is a younger player in the capital market community that can be the most consumer-friendly investment software for fun and stock-taking. You can make games with friends as long as you like—a couple of weeks, up until the end of the day.

In the field of inventory simulators, two features distinguish Wealthbase: first, the software combines social media with inventories. You’ll see a stock feed of your friends’ picks with occasional updats on who wins, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat a little fun. Second, the software works really easily — no loading times, no hiccups. You’ll have fun here, even though you’re not an enormous picker.


Wealthfront is the biggest independent robo consultant that can handle the assets for a nominal fee, whether on a taxable or in an IRA account. In order to create your portfolio wealthfront uses low-cost ETFs which takes into account how much risk you want and when you need the money. Wealthfront can add value to your investments as you deposit money and hold you balance and aim for your goal.

The maintenance fee for Wealthfront is 0.25% a year, which is the norm for business. The offerings, including automatic tax loss collection, essentially offset the yearly fee for many customers, are an extremely fair amount.

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